Monday, 16 March 2009

Train of thought when you look for your keys and can't find them straight away

  1. Where are my keys?
  2. Oh, no, I left them in the drawer
  3. Wait, they're not there
  4. On the printer?
  5. No
  6. Ohhhh, in my bag
  7. Shit, they're not their either
  8. Have I lost them?
  9. How would I have gotten into my room?
  10. Did I lock the door when I left?
  11. Oh, yeah I did, because I was drinking some water just after
  12. No, wait, that was Friday!
  13. Crap
  14. Shit crap
  15. In the drawer?
  16. I checked there
  17. Behind the books?
  18. Why would they be behind the books?
  19. Curtains?
  20. No, no, no!
  21. Oh crap, perhaps I put them in the rubbish by mistake!
  22. Oh no! I put the rubbish out last night!!
  23. On the cupboard?!
  24. NO!
  25. In the pile of papers?
  26. Argh!
  27. Check under the bed!
  28. Theres so much crap under my bed!
  29. Aw cool, I thought I'd lost this hat!
  30. No, not under here!
  31. Oh god, oh god, On the sink
  32. Under the sink?
  33. under the printer?
  34. In the printer?
  35. I'm never going to find them. I'm going to have to pay £20 to get new ones, and I'm not going to be able to leave my house for about 4 days!
  36. I don't have enough food for 4 days!
  37. Oh god.
  38. Are they in that drawer?!
  39. They wont be in that drawer! Its useless!
  40. Oh, they were in that drawer.
This happens to me at least once every two days...

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