Sunday, 4 November 2007

World War 'Works

Apologies for the wheadon-esque header, I needed alliteration, but the introduction of "fire" stopped me. Thats actually how most of the failures in my life have come about, (Thats right Luke, shift the blame). The decending holiday of fireworks day hails us thusly, bringing us light and deafness all through the night. It so happens that the exposions are happening days before theyre supposed to, but one cannot refuse the largest human desire. That of explosives. Love has a new rival, and it is partially constucted from both paper and gunpowder.

As I write, the booms break my spirit. like a lowly grunt, i start to become shellshocked. i sometimes black out from fear, only to have horrible appirations spawing from the darkest corners of my mind, causing me to wake up with blood curdling screams on my lips.

All im saying is, For the love of God! People! choose a field other than the one next to my house to set off your boom rockets!.


anyhoo, im guessing everyones out watching the perpetual 4 months of fireworks, so have fun, and try not to set them off drunk. or, get so drunk, that it doesnt matter!

Thats the English way!

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