Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Another holiday of arrogance and foolishness decides to grace us with its presence again. A holiday that is univerally celebrated, yet only relevant to a single, if large community of the world...is what i would say if i didn't think halloween was a delightfully fantasitc holiday. Often, before, these sporadic posts have been on subjects that cause a particular amount of distaste to my shattered and fickle mind. So many times has this happened. But no more will I be cynical and make complaints with needless verbosity!

or at least, not for a few minuites.

Halloween has always made me think of the dusty days of my childhood, where everything seemed to have a decidedly sepia tone. Things were simpler! Things were happier! Things were dull. I have had many people talk to me about how this particular (year 13, for the uneducated) is full of work. Is devoid of time in which to squander on fancies that might occur in the stages of your life. And I am not denying that the workload is intense. I am not denying that there isnt much time to spend on happier things. And I am certainly very aware of the impending doom of university, that threatens to sap the life away from us in a very, least we say, grusome fashion.

I am peturbed

The doom may seem overly tragic, with long staning friendships sinking, and the very balance of life shaken like a level that has been put on a wobbly shelving unit. Like that shelving unit, my life is on an axis. And probably, so are many others. (of lives, not axis')

But with deep thought, and consideration, the question I pose is:

would you have it any other way?

Yonder Y'alls!

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