Sunday, 13 January 2008

Musical interpretation

A new song has permeated through my barriers of taste. I didnt listen to the full song. The intro was suitably forceful in its nature of "lets rock hard and try not to bleed". I can get behind that, I can support something that doesnt want people to die, or that doesnt want people to suffer in an ujust way, or that doesnt increase the franchisement of viking gods.

Believe me when i say I have tried to like metal. I have tried to enjoy 3 minutes of concentrated verbal diarrhea at a volume that could make the teacup im holding weep, followed by another 3 minutes of something exactly the same. I like the old classic because they tend to tell a story about a nations disenheartenment, or some sort of love, or an experience with narcotics. They all paint a picture of sorts, and one that isnt painted primarily with the colours balck and red.

I dont need that sort of pressure, but I salute those who could listen to the music I have discribed. Anyone who can listen to a howler monkey being tortured is alright by me.

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