Friday, 4 January 2008

Stand up, please.

Tommorow I begin my new life. Not in any religious way, but i have seen fit to log this milestone down in my oft-neglected blog that has been pining for me ever since I thrust it into creation.

Tommorow, I begin my hopeful debut as a stand up comidian. I have been inspired by both the up-and-comers and the greats of the business, and after what i can only deem as a lapse in my passion for cartooning, I have resolved to try a new medium that i feel i am more suited to.

The dilema lies in the fact that the aformentioned debut is taking place mere days from my "move it or lose it" exams, these being the preliminary deciding exams for wether or not i go to university. Revison lies slightly higher on my scale of things to do, and thus I have reached the threshold of my performance with half formed jokes in my mind, and none on my pad. This scares me. This scares me to my core. Not only this, but the members of my year group are resoundingly know for their scrutiny. Many of the more, shall i say, influencial members of the year are attending this gathering, and may it be know that I have many enemies. Well, lets not call them enemies. lets call them un-friends. These guys, and gals, will take no hesitation in ripping me down on the stage.

BUT, I must persevere. I have many anti-heckler jokes in my repetoir. Perhaps I should be completly anti-heckler.

Looks like its goin' that way anyway.

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