Friday, 11 April 2008

Inconspicuous Increases

Apparently I am now rich.
This has come as a surprise, and also a shock, and despite these words similarities in definition, I prefer to live in a world where these two collections of letters can form a seperate entity, but be grouped together, much like a collection of Films into a "box-set", despite the fact that the only thing connecting them is their genre.

Sometimes less than that. Sometimes its just because of ethnic reasons. Sometimes its no reason at all. When i see that, Im like "woah".

Because its rad...

I digress.
But not much, as it happens, because im moving neatly on from viceral entertainment into more viceral entertainment, albiet the fact that the latter is much more real to me at the present moment. I like books. This much is clear.

During what I like to call the "long weekend" period of my life, which consisted of every holiday I was forced to go on with my parents, which, for the most part, consisted of activities which, for whatever reason, I felt were dejectable tripe, I had nothing but reading to pass the time, under which the excuse for my not wanting to "look at the coral shops" was mere education.
Often enough the brought books were scarce, and I had to find my own sustinence in the form of book swapping in insipid little cafes which did little but add a little more of the "local flavour" to a place that was already crowded with western jargon and confluences of tourist friendly dirge that one would be obliged to accept, and the books I gained I took solace from.

The long weekend period of my life is over. No more will I have to embark on these vacuous excursions in order to "broaden my horizons". Well, not with my family.

The difference with my friends I guess, is that I like my friends. That is to say, I like spending time with them.
So, the moral is that i like books, but if the long weekend has taught me anything it is that books are something to be owned, and not lent or borrowed, and certainly not rented, not that I have anything against libraries.

So now, with my new "richness" (which isnt all that rich, lets not forget, im speaking purely from the point of view of a teenager who has earned no more than £3.60 an hour waiting tables and mopping up placenta for a year, and so £9 an hour seems a drastic step up) I intend to buy alot more.
These things being:

1. 30 days of night (dvd) - £19.
2. The Jeeves Omnibus volume 1 - £14.
3. BRMC (cd) - £15.
4. I am Legend & other vampires - £16.
5. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - £39.

All worth £107.95.


This is my concern. And im in the midset of "ah want it now, ah cant survive without it".

Oh dear.

It seems money brings nothing but more troubles.

I think I was happier poor...

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