Sunday, 2 March 2008

Double you tea eff

Yesterday I embarked upon a voyage of tribulation, sacrifice and nervous pretention, allowing for steeliness and trepidity of spirit. I also went on a train.
Many people are afraid of flying. Not unjustly either, considering the fact that they are traveling a mile high in a giant steel tube, held together by similar materials, and held up by thicker, shorter steel tubes. With fans. fans. Fans that are reversed, and pointed in the opposite way to the place you want to go. And this scares even me. (I know people, luke, scared? surely not? but its true)

But what could possibly scare me more, or at least the same amount? A giant steel tube balanced on two pieces of metal less than a foot wide. I found out yesterday that I am afraid of trains. No kidding. And before you start the ridicule, remember that this ia a machine that can be stopped by a leaf. A leaf! I ask you!

But nevertheless, i was able to get by. Im out of things to say. SOOOOOO ill just quote something.

"Holly Golightly Im in love with you"
"So what?"

Great holy christ i think im in love with Audrey Hepburn. The Breakfast at tiffanys version. Not the corpse.

I dont even know if shes dead or not.

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