Sunday, 2 March 2008


Is alot like the word Blowin'. Which causes things to fall down. Which is the state of affairs in many of the publics houses after a "large" earthquake hit the sunny shores of Great Britain this week. The end is nigh, and the end is also the end the regular news at this point. Because people will be covering it all of this week. Covering it with their flopping, arryd, lifeless bodies. Because it was totally extreme. Dudes.

I couldnt give a damn. Well, I guess I could, but to be honest, I would be expending energy that could be put to other causes. Like using my arm to lift the last hobnob from the packet to my mouth. Over, and over, and over again. But I digress. I have many more important things to do, with my life especially, and with the only thing I have planned for this weekend being an excursion to my hopeful future abode, you'd think that I would have time to do such things. You would think that as an able young man, ten times the stronger than my ageing and irritable father, with a brain as sharp as a tack and an even better resolve than the former and latter, I would be able to complete a tiny, itsy bitsy essay. BUT...nahhhhhhhhh.

Procrastination is in everyone and everything. Its why we get up in the morning, because we procrastinate going back to sleep, so we do something else, and its why we dont get enough sleep, because we stay up late watching bad movies. Its why we eat, and its in the very air we breathe. Its why we have got so far as a species. So dont not procrastinate. The killer bullet, the silver bullet, to our metaphorical werewolf, is procrastinating procrastination. THEN, we can get some work done.

Only me?

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