Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Objective Disparities

I write this with very cold hands. Probably a useless fact, but one might be willing to remember that cold hands cause the muscles to slow down, due to lack of blood flow. Thats right friends, I be Knowledged. But it might account for typos. And extra letters, never know...

...shut up...

WHilst its true that my hands may be cold, I need to say that this is not the fault of some far polar denzien, or a wind originationg therof, but the simple fact that I am too moronic to put on a coat when driving, and I haven't thus far figured out how to work the central heating on the car. "I rarely need it!" I yell at my father, as he beats me round the head for being so stupid. "Its always warm!" to which he replies, with contempt in his eyes, his voice almost at a whisper,
"Its winter, idiot."

Now my father, or "Dad" as he prefers to be called, calls me lucifer. Which is weird. And he also, if you can imagine it, is a person that suffers from temporary spontaneous obsessive compulsive disorder. Something I have inherited to a degree, and as such he gets very excited about something very fast, fills his world up with it, and the gets bored of it just as fast. I suppose its not that uncommon, but he seems to suffer immensely from it.

In this respect, it is very weird to see him truly excited about something. To truly see the gleam of happiness, regardless of the object or activity in question. Yesterday, I found that something. I saw that gleam. The thing was none other than the movie Sleepless in Seattle. The following conversation is true, and what happened verbatim when he saw the nights television listings.

Dad: YES!
Me: What?
Dad: Its on!
Me: Whats on?
Dad: Sleepless in Seattle!
Me: Sleepless in Seattle?
Dad: Sleepless in Seattle!
Me: Why are you so excited?
Dad: Its a classic!
Me: But you hate movies. You dont like much in general.
Dad: Yeah, but this is Sleepless in Seattle
Me: I can see that, but youre apathetic most of the time.
Dad: Yes, but this is different!
Me: Tom Hanks is different?
Dad: And the guy from Frasier. And the president from independence day.
Me: ...Jesus.
Dad: No, Sleepless in Seattle

See why im freaked out? Even Im never that excited. Except about Breakfast at Tiffanys.
"Breakfast at Tiffanys?"
yes, Breakfast at Tiffanys...

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