Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Are you not entertained?!

I will now post about a topic which is especially dear to my heart. Call me deadpan, but i will now dicuss with the eternally oblique opinions housed in my cranium. The subject is sitcoms. throughout my life, i have felt that sitcoms were the best kind of anti deppresant. As i a child, i would much rather cosy up with jokes i didnt understand and sexual innuendos that had no meaning to me, rather than watch the turgid CBBC or read the arduous books my mother reccomended so prominently. There was just a warm familiarity as i watched the paranoid pshycologist gaper around.

Laughing along to the audience was a delicious prospect, and not only did i watch these stage set shows casually, I felt i watched them with an air of proffesionalism. I was able to make a big deal out of these shows. I was able to give these shows the attention that they deserved. I would make food, i would set aside other things, just to have the private time with these sparkling, blissful televison sequences.

This "was" i am repeating has transferred to my present self. the one remenant of my childhood has kept with me. The temptation to shuck off childhood habits upon the infernal "coming of age" is huge, but the temptation to re-watch the inconsistent stylings of newsradio is even larger. These older sitcoms have helped to structure who i am. They have showed me what i might acomplish, and what life could be like at the same time. They have allowed me to realised my overall passion for comedic elements in all their various forms.

Overall, they make you feel good.

Which brings me neatly (and not at all planned) to the newer sitcoms. Also known as English sitcoms. Noticeable in the latest bout of new writers is that many of the themes are to do with prisons, or the unemployed. this does not interest me to a startling scale. I dont care about the problems and hilarity that could be encountered in a prison cell. (although admittedly porridge was hilarious in parts)

I want to know about the hilarity in a coffee shop. I think you all know what im talking about...

Im talking about the king (or queen) of sitcoms. sitting on its throne as an arbiter of all that is famous. I am of course refrencing the eternally great Ellen. Right guys? eh? eeeh?


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