Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Human instinct and the drive to scorn

A thought occured to me about 4 weeks ago. "Why not just be nice to everyone? that way, no one can be angry, and no one would be able to stop me from being nice, because im too nice!"

Naturally, as with every fleeting thought that strays into the vast abyss that is my mind, i thought this was a stroke of genius. considering two factors, i doubted my predetermined actions.
number one: In fleeting thoughts, I am often found thinking that sanding wood is a stroke of genius.
Number two: A man was nailed to a bit of wood some one thousand and eighty years earlier for having the exact same thought.

nevertheless, i proceeded with my seemingly flawless plan. I was nice on the bus, i was nice on the train, i was nice to cashiers, i was nice to my workmates, i was nice to teachers, i was nice to animals, i was nice to my friends, i was nice to my peirs. Heck, i was even nice to my sister. the extent of my niceness knew no bounds. The feeling on worldliness and self satisfaction was intimatley distinguishing. I felt as though the feeling could burn brighter than the sun itself!

However, there was one thing i didn't count one. One tiny iota of information which i didnt factor into this unbreakable dam of ideals, this chariot of dreams. This, good sirs, is the simple truth.

people you don't know, are often not nice people.

The general public doesnt want to have doors opened for them, they do not appreciate being called "sir" or "madam". they do not like having extra napkins, or being given a cup of tea. they do not like a smile as you walk in, or a friendly gesture as you thank them for all the bus rides they have been gracious enough to provide.

people, to put it politely, are rude. and the simplicity is that it is human nature to be vile, in order to protect ones flock, like one would as a lowly cave man.
this conundrum i leave to you, my ever suffering audience, and i hope you ponder: how nice have you been to your piers? how friendly were you to the bus driver? did you grant the smile which the tired cashier desrves?
I dont know, but i hope the answer is 'nice'.

and screw alla yous, im gonna be nice, despite my over-abundant failures.
Thats how I, indeed, roll.

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