Thursday, 18 October 2007

Last one out switch off the light.

As i depart on my maiden (i use the term figuratively) voyage, i leave you with fond memories, so the least i could do was leave you guys a message.

Truckin' it off down to italy has not been a great experience for me in the past, and i have to think if it is really wise to return to a country that left me stung, broken and robbed. but im willing to give this shoe shaped country a second chance. Heres to hoping that the cobbled streets of venice will be more personable.

Ive never been comfortable with flying. theres something about being suspended by two thin sheets of metal that has always unnerved me, and the cylindrical tube looks awfully heavy for aformentioned "wings". I wait with baited breath to see if my pilot is qualified, or if he/she is even human. The internet has told me that sometimes, bears fly the planes. im hoping that my plane is one of the exeptions from what i can only assume is ursine tyranny. Im also hoping that whatever the species, the pilot will have apposable thumbs. If not, that wont end well for anybody.

The buffet cart, being always overpriced, means that i am unable to buy a cool refreshing, 3ml can of diet coke, which i so fondly place high upon my list of oft required treats. On top of this, the vomit inducing "air mall" will once again be thrusted into my life. I had tried to forget the tacky products, and the ridiculous amounts people will pay for them. Every year, the british airways seem to make itself more like a west country fair (those of you who visited pack monday will know the feeling) every year, the prices go up, and every time i board a plane, i see people buy the stuff.

I have yet to fathom why anybody would need a set of haedphones for £5, when they can only be described as broken, considering that they only work on the damn plane, and also when many people have a perfectly good pair already...

Then again, I would like to listen to re-runs of friends in crystal clear Airsoundplane(tm) that only special headphones can provide...

Laters Y'alls!

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